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The Global Impact Hub Community is made up of over 7000 members globally. From San Francisco to Tokyo nearly 60 communities in 5  continents have made a commitment to share networks, resources, connect and collaborate across borders.
We have a vibrant and rapidly growing membership at Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong. Though our community members share the common trait of being courageous with their work and valuing connections with their peers.  Their backgrounds and companies are very diverse. At Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong, you’ll find natural food entrepreneurs, CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategists, web and IT specialists, clean tech and green start ups, architects, advocates, social workers, students and more!  


這個由全球多於7000人組成的Global Impact Hub Community, 5個洲內60個團體承諾會分享網絡,資源和跨境連接與合作。
我們擁有一個有活力和快速增長的會員數量。 通過我們不同背景和業務的會員去分享工作上共同的特徵。 在Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong,你會遇到天然食品企業家,企業社會責任戰略家,網絡和電腦專家,清潔技術和綠色創業公司,建築師社會工作者,學生等等!

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