What is Impact Hub Hong Kong? 認識IMPACT HUB HONG KONG


Impact cannot happen in isolation, but requires collective actions. Thus, we are here to create a social ecosystem from an early stage to the mature accomplishment of human connection and innovation. With the local networks with a global community, we bring you powerful partnership and fellowship, and enable you to develop every step of your career path.

Impact Hubs are located in over 94 cities with over 15,000 members, sharing the mutual value of creating positive impact. We are part of the global network and start growing our impact in this city since 2017.


眾人之力就是影響力。我們將凝聚力和創新思維如星點墜落般,灑遍香港每一角落。甚至乎,跳進國際,您也能在Impact Hub的網絡中找到同行者,在您事業發展的旅途中助一臂之力。


Why join Impact Hub Hong Kong? 為何加入Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong?

Why join Impact Hub Hong Kong?

Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong is about the power of people with ideas. We create places for purpose-driven people just like YOU, to connect and build solutions for a better world. Our members consist of value-driven entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, activists, creatives, investors, freelancers and mentors who work together, share ideas and resources. Members work at Impact Hub King’s Cross, attend and produce events, run their own workshops, access funding and mentorship, find co-conspirators and partners, participate in social networks, build campaigns, launch companies, prototype and test products… all within a member-driven, Impact Hub-hosted environment dedicated to accelerating possibilities.

為何加入Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong?

Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong 是一個集合不同人不同理念的地方。我們提供空間給予像你一樣有目標的人,採取正面、實際行動來改變我們所處的社會及環境。。我們的成員包括社會創業家、創意者、活動策展人、藝術家、自由工作者、專業人員等所組成的社群,共同合作去分享理念和資料。Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong 會員參與和舉辦活動,舉辦自己的課堂,加入資金和指導,尋找合作伙伴,參與社交網絡,開設公司,測試產品… 把Impact Hub Hong Kong 變成你的家。

How do I know that there will be a workspace for me when I come to Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong? 我如何得知有空餘的工作空間?

How do I know that there will be a working space for me when I come to Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong?

There are a finite amount of Memberships available and the Impact Hub Hong Kong team is able to manage the flow of member hours and usage to guarantee that work and meeting space will be available. Also, some Members prefer working in the quiet morning while others will gravitate toward busier times. Members will, to some degree, self manage their use of their hours around their preferences.


我們提供有限的會藉,另外Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong 團隊會管理會員使用時間,保證有足夠的空間提供。

Will Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong be a productive work environment? Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong 是否一個有生產力的工作環境?

Will Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong be a productive work environment?

We designed Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong with collaboration in mind mid so you can tap into community resources, host meetings and events, break out into one to one to one sessions or work quietly on your own. Your ideas for how we can increase your productivity are always welcome as we shape the space!

We want to see how our members use the space to work, ideate and socialize. Very few things are nailed down and members have co-designed the space to best serve your needs.

Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong 是否一個有生產力的工作環境?

我們設計Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong 令會員可以使用社群的資源,舉行會議和活動,與其他會員共同工作或是自行安靜工作。我們歡迎你提供任何改進的意見。

Are desks reserved? 可以預約工作位?

Are desks reserved?

Only meeting rooms can be reserved at Impact Hub Pilot Hong Kong. All desks in the open coworking environment are first-come first serve.